Investment for those who strive to avoid mistakes

Scientific approach, advanced technology, and experience protecting  your investments even during crisis 

Key Features



Distillation of 40 years of academic research into investment strategy tested under all conceivable market conditions.


Thanks to the modern computing technology assessing thousands of investment opportunities and automatically investing when warranted.

Skin in the game

Managing our capital alongside yours. Excess costs covering from our own pockets (Clean Fees). We have no conflict of interest.

Umělá inteligence používaná v Pravda Capital

*when investing above €1 000 000 or directly, when through adviser and less than € 1 000 000, fees are 2% and 20% respectively.  ** after 3 years, otherwise max. 3% going down one % every year.

Case study to download

A real case study on the efficiency and stability of our investment strategy. Real numbers are used in the study. Inputs and outputs are based on real numbers.

* We cover all costs in excess of 1%, so NO additional charges levied on investors.

Mission of Pravda Capital

We change the way people multiply, protect and access their wealth.